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13th April 2004
It has been so long that some may have thought I had given up this diary thing - the truth is I'm getting lazy in my old age - which is more than can be said for the Big Fiddle Band ( Did you like the subtle link?) This year they have worked their socks off with new repertoire and it all paid off. Their candlelit Valentines Day concert was completely sold out (they have been asked to do 2 nights next year) and not long afterwards they stole the show and received accolades at the Milton Keynes Festival of The Arts. Well done everyone - Who needs the Oscars? Look out for the BFB again in June. That's going to be at least one show I can take part in. See you soon I hope. Oh by the way - 3sticks seem to be out quite a bit at the moment - something about recording a new album ??....

26th June 2003
You remember that radio guy in Siberia I told you about... well we've just received the following email from him..
Dear Jenny Newman, (He obviously doesn't know I sent the CD!!)
Thank You so much for fantastic brilliant Crossing Currents!!! We were glad and proud discover for us and for our audience Your highest culture and mastery, touch Your creation - such sincere, clean and clear. Please hand Andy and Pete our best wishes. Thank You for joy of dealings with Your wonderful music!
Much friendly love from Siberia
Serge Tikhanoff
Radio Penguin.
I only hope that this doesn't mean we will be having a tour there. After the glorious summer weather we enjoyed whilst watching the 'Big Fiddle Band' in action during Folk on The Green, more about that soon, I don't think I will cope with the climate change.

13th May 2003
Since I last wrote I've been a little under the weather (I was almost eaten alive by a rottweiler who had the cheek to walk past our driveway on the end of a lead) -  I'm fine now and Andy's hand is also in one piece. Thank-you to everyone who sent good wishes.
By the look of the gig list one might have thought I been having the luxury of human company every evening - not true at all - 3sticks have been playing for a lot of private functions lately so I have been having to look after baby & baby sitters of all shapes and sizes. There are however  some local festivals coming up that I will be attending so watch this space.
Sales of Toms Fiddle and Crossing Currents are still going well - we've just had snowy greetings and an order for CD's from Radio Penguin in Siberia (That's in Russia )-  just so long as there's no talk of a tour there - perish the thought......Brrrrrrr...

17th August 2002

And then there were four...
bless me - I can't believe where the time has gone it's been 4 months since my last communication and what a lot has happened since then. The Arfa mystery has been solved. On May 31st Jenny gave bith to a son 'Alfred Lachlan Glass'. I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all at first - far too much crying & general mayhem for my liking. Still things are improving now, I supose little Alfie is quite sweet really - I have even starting to get walks on demand again (although we always have to take him & his chariot with us). One thing that really bugs me though - he gets to go to all the gigs - for his first one he was only 2 weeks old! Ho Hum again...

10th April 2002
Life is definitely looking good at the moment with lots of very interesting gigs.
Easter day saw us at The Blue Boar in Chipping Norton (I have to say I wasn't sure about this one - I didn't get a doggy bag - & I still can't decide whether or not to be dissapointed about it.) Still I'm very much looking forward to The Shoulder Of Mutton on April 26th (See giglist) - This is just the kind of gig we want.
I also notice that a couple of the classes have started learning an Old Time American tune called the One legged Chicken (I do Hope I don't get the Blame). The last of the spring season workshops went very well (See teaching page for next dates) - not enough biscuits left over for me though, and I may not be seeing many of you for a while so do keep in touch.
Have a great Summer!

15 February 2002
Hello There - and a Happy New Year (I know it's late to say this but I was trying to work out how to phrase it)

The 3sticks debut gig & CD Launch went swimmingly on the Saturday before Christmas - despite the freezing weather it was another sellout event.

Thanks to everyone who supported us! A special thanks again to the Big Fiddle Band who played brilliantly - you can hear them in action on the teaching page via the swanky new mp3 snippets (whatever they are - they sound good enough to eat) . Talking of eating there was a fantastic buffet laid on at the launch by The BFB and Cathy Buchanan - I even got a doggy bag to make up for not being allowed in, well done to everyone involved.

It's been a nice gentle start to the year and Jenny had a lovely review of Toms Fiddle in Scottish magazine The Living Tradition (Checkout the reviews page).

The 3sticks CD Crossing Currents is selling well - (probably in no small part due to the hidden picture of yours truly in the booklet) - watch this space for reviews and press coverage, which will be posted on the new 3sticks page as it comes in.

That's it for now - keep in touch (I don't seem to be getting many e-mails these days - I hope I'm not being usurped by this mysterious 'arrfa' character....)

18 December 2001
All Change - The Chickens Are No More! It's being made official on December 22nd with the Launch of the new band name 3sticks and their debut CD Crossing Currents. I'm a bit sad that there will be no more mention of chickens but delighted that they're keeping the same theme - at least I can still fantasize about chasing.

It was over a year ago when Jenny launched her solo CD and I remember being so confused and disappointed about the Lunch (see my first two diary entries) - this year I am assured there will be food but I'm still not sure whether I'll be allowed in - I guess that depends on ED as the party is being held at EDs club in Wavendon MK17 (See the Gig list for details).

I am extremely excited about the booklet of the new CD Crossing Currents. When you get your copy have a look for a rather beautiful portrait of yours truly!!!

It only remains for me to wish you all a very cosy festive season with lots of naps & extra goodies.

1 November 2001
Well , Where to begin? First of all I must say a big thank you to all of you who have emailed me - most entertaining...(Although I would like to remind some correspondents that this is not intended as an online canine sex line..... please remember I am a very contented soul so you do not have to have anything to offer me in order to get in touch and you do not have to be a dog !)

All the workshops seem to have been very busy lately - I particularly enjoyed going up to the Staffordshire Music Day & meeting a whole bunch of new people - I was surprised not to meet any of the famous dogs from that area. Hmm now there's a thought ..'lurchershire'... or maybe 'County Lou' - that has a nice ring to it.

The Big Fiddle Band went down a storm in Newport Pagnell at the beginning of this month - they helped to raise nearly 600 for the Children of Chernobyl - huge wags & licks to everyone involved. Oh yes and they've also produced their own Limited Edition CD of which there are just a few left - if you haven't got one ,who knows, you may be missing out on a great investment ! I think it's a bit rough I didn't get a mention on the cover - after all those biscuits I helped with at rehearsals...... oh well , dogs life & all that.... See you soon

7 September 2001
Ok Ok I know I'm not very good at keeping up with my diary, I'm sorry. Some people have even sent e mails hustling me - but life's just too good to worry. Jenny abandoned me and went off to Donegal again this summer - apparently I wasn't allowed to go because of the sheep - I was most put out so I've decided to get my revenge. I did get taken to a 'Folk Camp' at Clun in Shropshire and OK so there were lots of serious workshops and lots of music for dancing - but does this look like serious musicians hard at work? He He He - She's gonna Kill Me!

4 July 2001
"All's well that ends well". Since my last installment life has had a few major up's and downs. A few weeks ago my favourite Chickens caller & dear friend (he always makes lot's of fuss over me) Chris Jewell was badly hurt in a road accident . On the same night Jenny had a near fatal accident with her fiddle which fell out of the case she'd been meaning to replace for ages. On top of all this I had to go into hospital to have a 'little' operation which I'm told is for my own good - Hmm... I'm still not quite convinced... I felt very woozy for a few days (it must have been bad cos I couldn't even eat chocolate let alone any dinner).
Anyway everything is going to be fine again - Chris is making a miraculous recovery - he is out of hospital & he was even wheeled onto the stage to perform at Crawley Festival on Sunday. Jenny now has a new case and her fiddle has been expertly repaired by Alan Ward of High Wickham and although it is not quite as powerful as it was she seems quite confident that it will be soon (if you ask she should have asked Mr Ward to make it quieter - that would have been far more condusive to snoozing during lessons).
Oh I nearly forgot to mention The Big Fiddle Band - all the gigs went really well - they looked great in the new season BFB Tshirts and they've even made a CD which will be available to order soon! I'm having my stitches out this afternoon (I'm really looking forward to it - I'm going to make it as difficult as possible for everyone concerned) - so I must try to fit in one last snooze before I go.....

1 June 2001
Well I've just had a fantastic weekend at a 'Folk Camp' at Loxwood in Sussex.The weather was glorious and I spent much of my time being fussed and snoozing in my lovely tartan bed in the shade of a big old oak tree. As well as all the dancing and workshops there were lots of sessions in pub gardens that I was able to be a part of - not to mention the late night sessions with inspiring singing and lots of biscuits. I did get into trouble for wandering off one morning - (I've learnt to unzip the tent now) - still it was worth the grief for the couple of hamburgers that someone had very kindly left under their van for me. Sales of Tom's Fiddle seem to be going very well (if you haven't got one yet you'd better hurry up cos the next one will be out soon & then you'll have to buy two) It looks like there will be another Launch gig for the Jenny's Chickens CD but I'm not getting my hopes up this time (see previous entries in Nov & January)
I'm looking forward to June - there are some dog friendly open air gigs coming up (check out the gig list) so I hope to see you there. Bye for now.

1 May 2001
Hello There
I'm writing to you with mixed feelings. My bedroom has now been converted into Jenny's new office which seems a bit of a liberty to me. I suppose it has it's compensations though - It now has a ceiling, a window that opens an closes and a big white sofa bed (perfect for drying my muddy paws on).
Preparations for the Big Fiddle Band performances in June seem to be going well - I love it - extra workshops mean extra fuss and extra Chocolate biscuits, and I get to go to at least one of the gigs - very exciting.
I've been in the Studio recently with 'Jenny's Chickens' (no Chocolate biscuits there and not only that but no chickens to chase which is always a disappointment and quite confusing) I did, however, meet a very lovely lady photographer who came to take pictures of the band - I haven't managed to persuade them to have me in the photos yet but I'm still working on it, keep an eye on the Bands page to see how successful I am.
Enough of my ramblings, I'll be in touch again soon - I feel a snooze coming on ... where's that lovely sofa...

19 March 2001
"It's been a long time since my last communication for which I'm sorry but I'm not really to blame - life is pretty exhausting for me at the moment - someone has closed off all my footpaths and fields so I cant have my daily mad sprints and I'm having to do twice as much snoozing and lying around than normal in order to conserve my energy for eating. Talking of eating I went to a Cosgrove fiddle workshop yesterday which cheered me up no end. It was great - there was virtually a constant flow of chocolate biscuits from all the nice people having tea breaks, and some lovely french tunes called bourrées. I liked the ones in 2/4 time they were good for trotting about to - but there were some 3/8 ones which I really couldn't get on with -still I suppose we need to have tunes for 3 legged dogs too. Thanks for all the e mails - keep them coming (you have to send them via Jenny but she tries not to read them) - I shall write some of them out for you soon, but not just now...I think I need a snooze.... Oh by the way we've had a thumbs up from f'Roots magazine which has generated interest from two radio stations - checkout the reviews page."

14 January 2001
"Ho Hum - Happy New Year to you all! The Album 'Launch' was apparently a great success but I'm mystified that there was no food at all. I was furious to discover that I wasn't allowed in, still it seems I wasn't the only one left out in the cold as Zaks was sold out within half an hour of the doors opening.
Christmas was fantastic. I was given lots of munchies and a rather fine tartan bed which is very snoozeinable. I especially liked the Gig on Christmas Eve which I was allowed into. The music was great - everyone seemed very happy but the best bit was the bacon crisps - this is just what we need - More Dog friendly gigs!
Anyway - hope to see you around at a gig (I'll be lucky) or at a workshop (I occasionally go to the Sunday ones in Cosgrove). You could even send me an email  - I'm still waiting for my first one."

20 November 2000
"Finally this web site thing is up and running. I don't know what all the fuss is about. If you ask me, the spiders in this place are well catered for already.
Life hasn't been much fun lately. I have to sit on the floor up here in the computer room (no comfy armchairs) which is not what I've come to expect, and the walks on demand routine went right out of the window for a while.
Never mind, things are settling down a bit now.
I'm looking forward to this CD Lunch at Zaks on November 23rd that She keeps talking about. There are, however, a couple of things on my mind; Why do we have to wait until 8'o clock in the evening for Lunch? Who is Zak? and will he have a tin opener?"
Lou the dog
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