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Jenny's new album was launched in November 2000. Read on for more details...

'Toms Fiddle'

"47 minutes of truly exquisite music - truly beautiful fiddle playing - very high production values - buy the album and swank to your friends that you 'discovered' her before the masses did." (Traditional Music Maker) More Reviews.

This CD can be ordered now for £10 (Including UK Post and packing).

Tracks on the album

  1. Blackrock/Jenny's Chicken Pox/Clearwater (strathspey and reels) Sample (250Kb)
  2. The Ewe With The Crooked Horn*/Mickey Doherty's*/John Doherty's* (highlands) Sample (206Kb)
  3. Oscar's Jig/The Twisted Tree/Chillingham Castle (jigs) Sample (216Kb)
  4. James McGinley's*/Marmite Jenny** (waltzes) Sample (209Kb)
  5. Ikin Do Anything (jig) Sample (210Kb)
  6. Toms Fiddle (slow reel) Sample (237Kb)
  7. Miss Demeanour's Favourite/Friday Morning (reels) Sample (211Kb)
  8. A New Lick Of PAint/Mr Potts'/Untitled* (hornpipes) Sample (223Kb)
  9. Welkin Blue/Fagan's Favour/Lost In Carrick (reels) Sample (234Kb)
  10. Pinnochio's Waltz (waltz) Sample (234Kb) - But it is well worth downloading the whole track (2.1mb) to sample the atmosphere created by this album
* Traditional arr. Jenny Newman
** Composed Alan Lamb
All other tunes composed and arranged J.Newman.

Musicians on the album

  • Jenny Newman - fiddle
  • Andy Glass - guitar
  • Mark Maguire - Bodhran
  • Jon Swayne - Border Pipes
  • Chris Walshaw - French Pipes
  • Kathleen Newman - Cello

Andy Glass plays regularly in a duo with Jenny. As well as being an outstanding and versatile guitarist he is an experienced sound engineer both in the studio (most recently with Dave Shepherd, Cliff Stapleton, Dave Whetstone and Clive Bunker currently of Poor Mouth and The Vicky Clayton Band) and working live all over the world as Jethro Tull's F.O.H. engineer.
Andy spent much of the late 80's and 90's touring, writing and recording four albums with his own band Solstice although he still managed to find time to tour as lead guitarist with the likes of Bill Withers and The Temptations, and was also signed to R.C.A. America to work as M.D. for various acts. A relative newcomer to the traditional music scene, Andy has brought with him a wealth of experience and fresh ideas that are evident from listening to Toms Fiddle.

A native Glaswegian born to Irish parents Mark Maguire is quite simply one of the best bodhran players you are likely to hear. Eight times an All-Irish Drum Champion as well as an All Irish Bodhran Champion, he is now in great demand as an adjudicator for such competitions. Mark is constantly pushing the boundaries of his instrument, combining an innate sensitivity to traditional material with jazz-tinged syncopations and funky dancefloor drive, with quite astounding results. He is currently a member of Scottish band Deaf Shepherd and can be heard on their third CD which is to be released soon.

The president of the Bagpipe Society and doyen of the English bagpipe scene, Jon Swayne is enjoying an illustrious career as a performer, composer and instrument maker. He has toured extensively with many different bands and is a co-founder of Blowzabella (with whom he has recorded many albums including Vanilla and A Richer Dust). In 1992, Jon founded the bagpipe trio Moebius and in 1998 formed a group of six pipes and percussion who have made frequent appearances at festivals and on radio, under the name Zephyrus.

Chris Walshaw has a long history of playing in dance bands. He is one of The Duellists with Nigel Eaton and Cliff Stapleton and has occasionally guested with Chris Wood and Andy Cutting in the Waltzer. In addition he has worked with Jean Pierre Rasle (of the Cock and Bull Band), playing on Radio 3 and appearing on stage at St Chartier Festival and the Purcell Room. Chris is currently playing with the dynamic English ceilidh band Stocai. More information can be found on Chris's web site.

Kathleen Newman has dedicated her life to working with handicapped and disadvantaged children, and music has played a big part in her work. Her musical activities have been wide and varied - ranging from church organist to tabla playing and recently honing her music therapy skills at Dartington College. Jenny is thrilled to have her mum play on the final track of the CD.

Red Moon - 3sticksRed Moon

'Track listing for 'Red Moon'

  1. The Paps of Glencoe
  2. Hand Jigs
  3. Spirits of Wine
  4. Johnny Cope
  5. Jazz
  6. Red Moon
  7. African Reels
  8. Lady Muck
  9. Sergeant Early's Dream
  10. Motorway Mazurka
  11. Peter's Song
  12. Blue Lips
  13. Coming Home

Red Moon' (GHCD 004) is the title of 3sticks long awaited second album and contains 13 tracks, a combination of traditional and more contemporary tunes, each given that special 3sticks treatment.

'Versatile fiddle Jenny Newman, guitarist Andy Glass and drummer Pete Hemsley strut their stuff on a collection of tunes with cohesively integrated influences & rhythms ranging from folk to jazz, military and samba. Dynamic, passionate and full-bloodies, this is an impressive and genuinely refreshing release.'
Review from fROOTS - Jan / Feb 2005

'Every now and then a CD drops through the door for review which proves to be a breath of fresh air - and this is just one such. For a start it wasn’t obvious if it was 3sticks by red moon or the other way round ! Luckily a useful press release cleared this up, with more info on their web site.
I’d heard of Jenny Newman through her work with Rock Salt and Nails. Her fiddle playing is a joy to listen to - totally uncluttered and honest, showing an excellent range and ability, whilst sympathetic to the material she is playing. She is quite a prolific writer, but there is a balanced mix of her material and more traditional tracks on ‘Red Moon’.
Andy Glass is a stunning guitarist - listen to ‘Jazz’ co-written with drummer/percussionist Pete Hemsley - who is able to provide sympathetic support on one track before taking over lead on the next. Incidentally one of his claims to fame is to have  provided lead guitar to the likes of Bill withers, The Temptations and Geno Washington.
The line up is completed by drummer/percussionist Pete Hemsley. Again he is much in demand and it is clear to see why. Mostly happy to be in the background, he is allowed  to come to the front  - I like his solo on ‘African Reels’.
Three excellent musicians come together in 3Sticks. Red Moon is a smashing album full of good honest music. There’s none of this ‘look how clever we are’ which in my opinion spoils some more modern CDs. This is totally honest in its message and deserves plenty of exposure.
Thanks Pete, Jenny and Andy. I have really enjoyed this - hopefully others will also.'
The Living Tradition

'This CD is a fine example of 'the whole exceeding the sum of the parts'. The individual musicians display a nicely judged, restrained stylistic sense - elegant and passionate at the same time - but it's the ensemble as a whole - the sense of musical communication and closeness - that demonstrates the true genius of the band. Everything fits, and fits beautifully: rhythms are tight, harmonies secure, and there's a tonal clarity that, at times, is quite spine-tingling. 
Overall a beautiful album, and an essential for any good collection. Extract from a review by Jill Fisher - Fiddleon Magazine

'Here we have an exciting and varied album from Jenny Newman on fiddle/viola, Andy Glass on guitars/bouzouki and Pete Hemsley on percussion, collectively known as 3sticks. All three are experienced musicians particularly Jenny who teaches fiddle in the Milton Keynes area and Andy who teaches guitar and accompaniment also around Milton Keynes. So you can expect this CD to be good - and good it is. There are thirteen tracks on the album, some written by the band members, some are traditional including the fabulous 'Mouth of the Tobique' , others are written by other contemporary composers such as Jon Swayne's 'Motorway Mazurka' - a terrible title for such a beautiful tune. There are lilting hornpipes, exciting jigs and reels, along with some slow and haunting tunes. There's even an out-and-out jazz piece that slips effortlessly into the classic Irish jig 'The Geese in the Bog'.
But the thing that makes this album so enjoyable for me, are the fabulous rhythms and interesting arrangements that back Jenny's sweet sounding fiddle playing. This album shows 3sticks off as a tight, skilful and imaginative band.
This is not your average fiddle album, this is and exciting varied and hugely enjoyable recording.
Look out for this one.'
Jed Mugford - Shire Folk  

'I first became aware of 3sticks when there was some controversy on a certain website as to whether they were a dance band or not. The jury might still be out on that one, but on the evidence of these sets they're damn fine musicians and I'm sure they could be if they choose.
Red Moon features a mixture of both traditionally arranged and self-penned sets, mostly celtic or celtic inspired. I'm never sure which camp French-Canadian falls into, but on the evidence of a storming Caribou Reel / Mouth of the Tobuique, I don't really care.
What struck me most about this CD was the tasteful percussion; essential when the two other components are guitar and fiddle. Both full kit and hand held are used to tremendous effect. The guitar playing edges towards the jazzy end of the spectrum; lots of numbers after the chords I suspect...9, 7, 13 aug... you know the sort of thing. And way up the dusty end. The fiddle playing is excellent. (I think they might have once been called 'Jenny's Chicken's', but a glance at the website should tell you all you need to know on that score.)
Favourite tracks are the aforementioned French Canadian set, a storming Johnny Cope, and Bruckless Shore / McSweeneys, paired as Hand Jigs due to Pete the drummer playing the drum kit with his hands. (On first glancing at the booklet notes I misread that as Arthur Daly's.. there's a name for a tune!) There's also John Swayne's Motorway Mazurka played as a waltz, and very neatly played too.'
 Shreds and Patches  

Your music is WONDERFUL! Each CD better than the last. You and 3sticks are incredibly talented artists.
As for me I'm a fourth generation American. Perhaps there is a little genetics in why I find your music so compelling, but I think the larger part is your industry and talent.
thanks you so much for bringing a little piece of heaven into my life!'
Your biggest U.S. Fan - R Mc

Crossing CurrentsCrossing Currents - 3sticks

Crossing Currents (GHCD 003) is a collection of traditional tunes , some of which are very familiar, others being more unusual tunes drawn from the Donegal Tradition, France and beyond. It is in the setting and arrangement of the tunes that 3sticks excel themselves.
It is hard to put a finger on what makes this band so different and so good. After listening to Crossing Currents one cannot fail to be impressed by the range of musical styles with which 3sticks demonstrate technical excellence, rhythmic interest and harmonic subtleties, yet the overall impression we are left with is that of sheer joy and a love of the music they are making.

"Some truly beautiful fiddle playing with a class line in support from Andy and Pete, I'd say this draws on a broader sphere of influence which might make it accessible to a wider audience"
- (Fiddle on Magazine) More Reviews.

Track Listing from 3sticks' debut CD ' Crossing Currents'.

  1. Welcome Home Grannie (March/Jig/Reel) Sample (299Kb)
  2. Paddy Huidais/Frank Cassidy's (Jigs) Sample (295Kb)
  3. Montagnade/Bouree d'Aumont (Bourees)Sample (295Kb)
  4. Jackson's/Devils Dream/Farewell To Milltown (Reels) Sample (298Kb)
  5. Stony Field (Slow Reel) Sample (295Kb)
  6. St. Patrick's Day (Slow Air) Sample (205Kb)
  7. Untitled/The Cat That Kittled in Jamie's Wig (Highlands) Sample (295Kb)
  8. The Plane Tree/The Hop Break (Jigs) Sample (385Kb)
  9. The Butterfly/Reel Beatrice (Slip Jig & Reel) Sample (289Kb)
  10. Lads of Laois/Jenny's Chickens (Reels) Sample (343Kb)
  11. Midnight On The Water (Waltz) Sample (213Kb)

All tracks Traditional Arr. 3sticks except
- St Patrick's Day (Glass arr. Glass)
- The Plane Tree/The Hop Break (Undine Hornby, arr. 3sticks)

This CD can be ordered now for £12 (Including UK Post and packing).


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